Two Baloch students forcibly disappeared by Pak Army recovered

Two Baloch students forcibly disappeared
Baloch students who have been recovered (Photo: News Intervention)

Two Baloch students, Jawad son of Iqbal Sukna Sangani Sir from Turbat and Zaid son of Abdul Rasool Sukna Pasni from Gwadar, who were forcibly disappeared from a hostel by Pakistani forces on July 25, have been recovered in Islamabad.

The students were released last night, but no further details have been disclosed regarding their recovery. Forced disappearances of Baloch students have been a recurring concern in Pakistan, with previous cases reported from various cities. The incident has drawn attention to the growing issue of enforced disappearances in Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan.

In response to the rising number of missing persons, a rally and demonstration were organized by Voice for Baloch Missing Persons in Quetta to demand action from authorities.

Balochistan gained its Independence from the British on 11 August 1947, but this freedom was short-lived as Pakistan forcefully occupied the region on 27 March 1948. Since then, the Baloch people have faced mysterious abductions, mass murders, and mutilations. In response, Balochistan is engaged in a relentless struggle against the occupying Pakistan Forces. Be it the protests in Balochistan and Abroad or an armed struggle against an absolute abrogation of human rights and illegal occupancy, Balochistan is resisting the brutal Pakistan establishments. Frightened by the spirit of Balochistan, the state terrorists of Pakistan i.e., the Pak Army is practicing every illegal approach to somehow curb this resistance.

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