Forced conversions at Sindh dargah raise concerns

conversion of hindus
Converted women and children (Photo: News Intervention)

Hindu woman and children have been forcefully converted to Islam by an infamous dargah in Sindh.

The horrific incident of forced conversion has emerged in Sindh. A Hindu woman named Marvi Marwari has been converted to Islam in Dharki area of Sindh. Along with her a minor girl and two children have also been forced to convert. All of them belonged to Khamiso Rajpar Mehrabpur village and have been converted by Mian Javed Ahmad Qadri. Qadri is the religious head of Bharchundi Dargah in Dharki who is infamous for forced conversions of Hindus in Sindh.

The number of conversion in Bachundi Shareef Dargah is anticipated to be the highest in Sindh. Even in some cases, of enforced abductions, the girls have been converted to Islam and married off to abductors by the same Dargah. Javed Ahmad Qadri also exercises political force against the Hindus and has made dargah a haven for those who perpetuate oppression against Hindus. The prime reason for such acts is the religious fundamentalism. These radical Islamists consider abduction and conversion of minor Hindu girls as a service to Islam. They call Hindus ‘kafirs’ who needed to be either killed or converted.

Reports suggest that between 2014-17 only, Bharchundi Shareef Dargah had converted more than 150 helpless Hindu girls. The conversion outside this time period is way more than anticipated. It is even more disappointing to see that the administration and law and order machinsry has knelt down to such radical Islamist. Instead of taking actions against Qadri, the police and administration helps him in proving that the conversion was through the exercise of personal will. The situation of Hindus especially minor girls is gruesome.

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