General Elections 2024: Election Commission of India to hold polls in 7 phases

general election 2024
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The Election Commission of India has finally announced the schedule for the 17th Lok Sabha elections. The general elections would be conducted in seven phases starting from April 13th to June 1st. The counting of the votes will be done on June 4.  The term of 16th Lok Sabha will come to an end on June 16, 2024.

Clearly the upcoming general election is a litmus test for the Narendra Modi-led-NDA government which is incumbent on the treasury bench for past 10 years. On the opposite, Indian National Congress-led INDI alliance is bidding against the BJP. The parties like TMC, AIMIM and others are making the tussle triangular.

However, the Election Commission of India has not notified the election schedule for the UT of Jammu and Kashmir which was eagerly awaited across India. Expressing dismay over it, National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah has raised questions. Notably, after the announcement, leaders of nation-wide political parties have given statements.

BJP’s national President JP Nadda has welcomed the Election Commission’s announcement and urged the people of the entire nation to come out in record numbers to vote and strengthen the foundation of the world’s largest democracy. On the other hand, TMC’s Mamata Banerjee has raised questions over the long stretch of election in 7 phases.

Details of General Elections

As per the notifications, 22 states and UTs including Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Delhi, Chandigarh Kerala, Gujarat, among others would go for polls in a single phase while UP, Bihar and West Bengal would see the most expansive polling in all seven phases.

The number of Parliamentary constituencies covered under each phase are as follows:-

  • Phase 1: Voting will be conducted for 102 Lok Sabha seats of 21 States/UT.
  • Phase 2: Voting will be conducted for 83 Lok Sabha seats of 13 states/UT.
  • Phase 3: Voting will be conducted for 94 Lok Sabha constituencies of 12 States/UT.
  • Phase 4: Voting will be conducted for 96 Lok Sabha constituencies of 10 States/UT.
  • Phase 5: Voting will be conducted for 49 Lok Sabha constituencies of 8 States/UT.
  • Phase 6: Voting will be conducted for 57 Lok Sabha constituencies of 7 States/UT.
  • Phase 7: Voting will be conducted for 57 Lok Sabha constituencies of 8 States/UT.

Assembly elections in 4 states

Besides general elections, the Election Commission has also announced the Assembly elections for 4 states, viz., Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim and Odisha. While the Assembly elections for Arunachal Pradesh & Sikkim will be held on 19 April and that of Andhra Pradesh & Odisha on 13 May.

With about 10.5 lakhs polling stations and about 97 crore registered voters, Election Commission of India is to conduct the largest election process in the world. Approximately 1.8 crores new voters and 2.18 lakh Centenarians voters will choose their representatives. Also, the polls for 17th Lok Sabha is going to celebrate the highest Elector Gender Ratio of 948.  

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