Radical Islamist abducts another minor Hindu girl from her home in Bangladesh

Representative Photo

In a disturbing incident that sheds light on the precarious situation faced by Hindus in Bangladesh, a minor Hindu girl was abducted from her home by her alleged Muslim boyfriend, accompanied by dozens of radical Islamists. The incident occurred in Kotalipara, GopalGonj, and was captured on video, showcasing the harrowing ordeal faced by the girl and her family.

The abductor, accompanied by a group of Islamists, forcefully entered the girl’s home and seized her, while her family pleaded in vain for her release. The video footage of the incident has sparked concern over the safety and security of minority Hindu communities in Bangladesh.

This incident is not an isolated one, as multiple cases of hate crimes against Hindus have been reported in recent times. The abduction of a minor Hindu girl underscores a troubling trend of intolerance and hostility towards Hindus, depriving them of a sense of security and freedom. The lack of recourse for Hindu families to challenge such acts of abduction and persecution further exacerbates their vulnerability.

The wave of hatred against Hindus in certain segments of society highlights the urgent need for the government and administration to take immediate and decisive action to address this issue. Failure to do so will eventually perpetuates injustice and religious hatred in society leading to even worse persecution of Hindus.

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