Srinagar breaks ground with first ever Formula-4 racing event

formula 4 event hosted in srinagar
Visuals from Formula-4 event in Srinagar (Photo: X)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the inaugural Formula-4 car racing event held in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, on Sunday, March 17, highlighting its potential to showcase the region’s scenic beauty. Organized with the aim of promoting tourism and offering diverse career opportunities to local youth, the race marked a significant collaboration between Formula-4 and the Indian Racing League, facilitated by the Tourism Department.

Spanning a 1.7 km course from Lalit Ghat to Nehru Park in the capital city, the event drew attention to India’s burgeoning motorsports scene, with Srinagar identified as a prime location for such endeavors by PM Modi.

Authorities spared no effort in ensuring the success of the historic event, undertaking extensive preparations including surface leveling, pothole repair, barricade installation, and the deployment of medical and security teams. Drone surveillance further bolstered security measures.

Beyond its role as a showcase of speed and competition, organizers emphasized the event as a symbol of resilience and unity. Notably, Kashmir has witnessed a surge in popularity within the motorsports domain in recent years, a trend expected to inspire local youth to pursue careers in Formula-4 racing.

The event also underscored the concerted efforts of the Union government and the UT administration under Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to transform Jammu and Kashmir into a premier tourist destination. Amidst aspirations for a vibrant array of adventures and activities, these positive developments signify a departure from the region’s tumultuous past marked by separatism and terrorism.

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