Protest erupts as armed assailants kill minor from Pak-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan in Islamabad

POGB protest
People of POGB protesting, victim Sharafat (inset) (Photo: News Intervention)

The killing of a minor boy from Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan has sparked resentment in the local populace. The incident has been reported from Alipore, Islamabad where the 16-year-old victim, belonging to Keris Valley of Ghanche district in POGB was killd by armed assailants.

On the night of 16 March, the victim identified as Sharafat Hussain son of Ghulam Hussian, accompanied by his cousins Sohail and Saifullah, was on his way home when he had an argument with assailant Saad. Saad took out the pistol and shot Sharafat and absconded from the scene. Later, Sharafat succumbed to the injuries while undergoing treatment in the hospital. Deceased’s family has said that neither Sharafat nor them had any enmity with anyone. The case highlights the persecution faced by the youth of POJK and POGB, who go to Islamabad for better opportunity. There have been cases of kidnapping and killing of the youth of occupied Gilgit-Baltistan living in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the family of the deceased minor boy, along with their community started a protest by laying the body of deceased on the road demanding justice. However, as past events tell, the administration and establishment remains a mute spectator of such killings and takes no action.

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