Glamour magazine calls pregnant biological female as ‘trans pregnancy’

trans gender pregnant
Cover photo of Glamour magazine (Photo: Social Media)

It appears there’s a devious agenda to make the deviant LGBTQIA+ behaviour appear normal in our society. Now the LGBTQIA+ community is no longer content with “being left alone” or “being together”, rather they are attempting to change the laws of nature. One such proposal is to mainstream the idea that men can get pregnant! Yes you read it right. Absurd as it may sound but the trans activism is trying to make the world believe that men do get pregnant. In an attempt to mainstream this absurd idea a biological female Logan Brown posed on the cover of Glamour magazine with her bloated pregnant belly. “Trans Pregnant Proud” is the caption of Glamour magazine.


Logan Brown was featured on the June cover to commemorate Pride Month, posed in a painted-on suit, and was showcasing her very large baby bump. He tweeted, “I’m a pregnant trans man, and I do exist. No matter what anyone says, I’m living proof.” The 27-year-old cover model was born female but now “identifies as a man”. Brown became pregnant when “he” (she) was on a break from testosterone treatments.

In the interview, biological female Logan Brown said, “I’ve been brought up in a very close-knit family, and so to bringing a baby into the world in a queer relationship is the best feeling ever. I feel like we’ll be able to love and appreciate each other, and my daughter will be able to grow up knowing that she’ll always be loved and accepted for whoever she is. And I think that’s a really important thing for her to be around.”

Brown was seen discussing the journey of exploring identity. She initially came out as a lesbian and now identifies as ‘trans’.


The netizens took to Twitter to express their disdain. “Nothing to be proud of. A women who took testosterone during pregnancy and cut off her breats (breasts) so she can’t breastfeed the baby. That’s what GLAMOUR selected as a cover model,” tweeted Dr Anastasia Maria Loupis a medical doctor. “I strongly agree that giving birth is a woman’s privilege. Brown took testosterone to stop being a woman; later, she becomes pregnant, which defeats the whole purpose of being a man. Brown argues that “he” is pregnant and that a man can get pregnant. However, Brown isn’t proof that a man can get pregnant. He is a biological woman, and thus, he can get pregnant, and no one is refuting that argument.”

“‘He’ has removed her breasts, not her uterus; how’s that supposed to be a man? Confused though.”

One user wrote,‘ You’re featuring a straight pregnant woman on the cover of your gay pride edition?”

Another wrote, “Woman gets pregnant” shocker.

“Let’s not ignore the detrimental effect of testosterone on the child. She paused the testosterone for a few months for health reasons; that in itself is the answer that her body is not ready, yet she is pregnant. I wonder what effect the child would have.”

This concept of gender identity is simply getting out of hand. Earlier considered a mental illness, it is being made to appear normal and to have achieved wider acceptance across societies and cultures. Why are we putting up with this nonsense? Accepting nonsense doesn’t make it okay; it rather escalates it. As a society, we have reached a point where we not only accept this gibberish but also support it. Corporations and magazines are hopping on this “rainbow” bandwagon and are giving a nudge to this form of  ‘mental illness’ in order to monopolise the target audience

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