Pakistan Army abducts 3 Pashtuns in North Waziristan; Pashtuns protesting

pashtuns protest
Pashtuns protesting against the Pak Army (Photo: News Intervention)

An indefinite protest is being carried out in North Waziristan demanding the release of three Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leaders.

On 30 May, North Waziristan coordinator of Pakistan Tahaffuz Movement (PTM), Eid-ur-Rehman was arrested by Pakistan Army from Saidgee checkpost as soon as he entered Waziristan. On the very next day another two PTM activists named Zakim Wazir and Jalal Wazir were also abducted.

It has been more than six days and the Pakistan Army has not provided any clear information about the grounds of their arrest. Even the location of their captivity is not revealed to any of their family members.

However, it must be noted that these abductions took place after a public gathering was organised on 26 May to mark the fourth anniversary of Kharqamar incident in which more than 16 PTM protestors were shot dead by Pakistan Army.

Agitated by their forced abduction, PTM has organized a sit-in protest since 3 June demanding the release of all three PTM leaders and, if there are grounds for their detention, they should be presented in court and subjected to the rule of law.

PTM has proclaimed that the protest will continue until all the three activists are not released.

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