Haseena Oad’s struggle of rape, forceful conversion in Sindh & her quest for justice

abduction of hindus in sindh
Haseena Oad with her family (Photo: News Intervention)

After four months of her abduction, a minor Hindu girl named Haseena Oudh has returned home. She was handed over to her parents by the court.

In May 2023, Haseena Oad, belonging to Umarkot, Sindh was abducted at gunpoint by Shokat Shar and four others. Frightened by the modus operandi of the radical Islamists, her father filed a complaint against five accused suspecting that his daughter might be coerced to convert and marry the abductor.

His apprehensions proved true as Haseena stated to the court that after she was illegally and forcefully abducted, she went through extreme brutality. While crying in front of First Additional Sessions Judge, she told that she was converted and raped multiple times. While speaking she raised a question on the impunity given to these types of radical Islamists. She said that the one who kidnapped and raped her is still roaming freely.

Unfortunately, this is not a question that is only raised by Haseena. Many Hindu families in Sindh have gone through the same pain that Haseena and her family felt. And the reason behind this is lawlessness prevailing in Sindh. The radical Islamists and their patrons, who are well connected within the system exploit their power to carry on a fanatical war on the minorities including Hindu. In their pursuit, they target the minor girls, sometimes even less than 7 years, and convert them to Islam.

Hindu girls are being under a constant torture and brutality. Rapes, forced abductions, conversions and marriage with the abductor are some of the most common crimes against the Hindu girls. The shocking similarities among the incidents and their subsequent developments clearly indicates that Pakistan as a state has been supporting such inhumane acts and that too because of the religious dissimilarities between the bigot perpetrators and victims.  

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