Hindu businessman exposes abduction plot orchestrated by dacoits in Sindh

dacoits in sindh
Victim Dharmendra (Photo: X)

Hindu businessman in Pakistan has exposed his suspicious abduction plot orchestrated by the dacoits from Kashmore in Sindh. The Hindu businessman has demanded redressal from the establishment through social media as past incidents show a nexus between the dacoits and political system including the feudal landlords in Sindh.

Hindu businessman Dharmendra, son of Tarachand has insisted on the Pakistani establishment and its administration to take strict measures failing which he could fall victim to the abductions by the dacoits, a problem that has hounded the Hindu community in Sindh for over a long time.

According to Dharmendra, his company registered as GND Commodities deals in grains across Pakistan. He says that he received a phone call informing about an FIR that has been registered against him in Kashmore Police station. On receiving the copy of FIR on WhatsApp, he was perplexed as he had no idea about the identity of the complainant and neither he had any transactional history with him.

The caller also advised him to contact the complainant and sort out the matter. However, Dharmendra being unable to verify the authenticity of the call and neither the complainant is in dismay. He stated that he can’t even go to Kashmore, citing the ongoing abduction crimes against Hindu businessmen. The dacoits have more often abducted Hindus, Christians and other minorities demanding unreasonable ransoms ranging to millions.

Neither action nor protection

To the worse, the police has failed to take strict measures against these dacoits. As per reports, these dacoits operate under the thumb of highly influential politicians, feudal lords, among others due to which they remain untouched for their crimes against minorities.

Apparently, Dharmendra’s apprehensions are not baseless, the incident underscores a possible plot for another abduction as Dharmendra is a businessman and a minority Hindu, a perfect man for dacoits to implicate.

Unfortunately, the victim has to come out over social media to seek preventive measures because the administration and establishment is busy in facilitating the perpetrators. It is distressing that neither the establishment takes suffice measures to wipe out the dacoits network nor it administers protection to the innocent and civilised minority.   

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