Dacoits abduct and shoot Christian man in Sindh

abduction of minority
Abducted Christian man (Photo: X)

In a disturbing incident from Sindh, a Christian man was shot on camera in the leg by dacoits. A man of Christian faith belonging to Shikarpur, Sindh was abducted a few days ago. The dacoits who abducted him demanded a hefty ransom amount of Rs. 20 lakhs. After the family failed to give ransom, the dacoits shot him in the leg and recorded the video of the incident.  The incident has sent shockwaves through out the community as the law and order is completely parlayed to take any action against the perpetrators.

Notably, the network of dacoits is active in Sindh and works under the patronage of influential political and religious leaders. Surprisingly, more often then not, the victims of these abductions are from minority communities like Hindus and Christians.

More recently, a Hindu man named Ritik Kumar was abducted and his video of being in shekels went viral on social media. Similarly, a couple of months back, two Hindu men named Jagdish Kumar and Sagar Kumar were abducted from Sindh.

Unfortunately, the local administration and law and order machinery has consecutively failed to provide safety to individuals. Also, the perpetrators were not brought to justice, Clearly, they were protected by their patrons.

The latest case once again highlights that minorities are not safe in Pakistan. Not only does a radicalised section of society but also the legal-political system is working out of hatred against them.    

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