UP police shoots dead Sajid, accused in Badaun double murder case

    double murder case
    Badaun double murder victim children with family (Photo: X)

    In a shocking and gruesome incident, two minor boys met a tragic end after being mercilessly hacked to death by a local barber in Baba Colony, Badaun Uttar Pradesh. The incident, which unfolded on Tuesday, has sent shockwaves throughout the community.

    The accused, identified as 22-year-old Sajid, reportedly entered a house in Baba Colony and launched a vicious attack on three brothers, aged 13, 6, and 10 years old. Tragically, the brothers aged 13 and 6 succumbed to their injuries during the attack, while the third brother sustained severe injuries and was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

    According to the mother of the murdered children, the assailants were known to her and had approached her demanding Rs. 5000, purportedly for the delivery of Sajid’s pregnant wife. She recounted that while she went to prepare tea for Sajid, he took the children to the terrace where the brutal attack occurred.

    The merciless murder of innocent children has deepened the concerns of violence against Hindus because of their faith. Details so far tells that there was no strained relation between the assailant and the children’s family. In fact they were acquainted well. Meanwhile some reports teel that Sajid drank the blood of poor children amid the allegations of him practising black magic. Whatsoever, the incident happening in Ramadan has raised serious concerns over the religious hatred running deep down in some of the radicalised sections of Muslims.

    Sajid gunned down in an encounter

    Eyewitnesses reported that after the attack, Sajid and another individual, Javed, managed to escape despite efforts by the crowd to restrain them. However, the perpetrator’s escape was short-lived, as he was gunned down in a police encounter, just a couple of hours later.

    Badaun District Magistrate Manoj Kumar confirmed that Sajid had entered the house and attacked the children with an axe, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. In a heart-wrenching revelation, the surviving 10-year-old brother disclosed that the attacker had also intended to kill him but failed in his attempt.

    In a significant development, the police have detained the father and uncle of Javed, who still remains at large, from their residence. Following the postmortem examination conducted on Wednesday, the bodies of the children were handed over to the bereaved family. Security personnel have been deployed in the area to prevent any potential unrest or further incidents.

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