Hindu family in Sindh disappeared overnight, converted to Islam later

forceful abduction and conversion of hindu family
The abducted and forcefully converted Meghwar family (Photo: News Intervention)

In a series of enforced disappearances, a Hindu family was abducted from Karachi and forcibly converted to Islam after a week.On May 7, the entire family of Ramji Meghwar, hailing from Mirpur Khas in Sindh, went missing. The family had relocated to Karachi in search of better work opportunities.After finding no evidence of their presence, Ramji Meghwar reported the matter to the local police, who took no action. After nearly a week, Ramji Meghwar’s wife and their children were discovered to have been converted to Islam against their will.

 Forced conversions have long been a persistent issue in Pakistan, but this incident represents an even more brutal case where an entire family was abducted overnight and coerced into converting to Islam. The majority of such cases are reported in Sindh, posing a significant threat to the Hindu community in Pakistan.

Copy of the affidavit (Photo: News Intervention)

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