Hindu woman tortured and raped by radical Islamist in Sindh

hindu girl abducted
Victim in the hospital (Photo: Social Media)

A Hindu woman has been brutally tortured and raped by a radical Islamist in Umarkot Sindh, Pakistan.

Recently, a Hindu woman named Chandi wife of Gulab was raped by a fanatic Islamist Ismail Nohri. Chandi belonged to Chhor town in Umerkot district of Sindh. It is reported that Ismail was harassing her and forcing her into a physical relationship for many days. The condition of Chandi has worsened as she was brutally injured by beating when she resisted the gruesome act. She was later admitted to hospital. It is worth considering that the perpetrator was harassing the women since many days and still Chandi got no protection from the law enforcement institution.

As violence and coercion against Hindus is on the rise in Sindh, another Hindu girl from Umerkot is reported to have been victimised by a radical Islamist. A Minor Hindu girl, named Maani, daughter of Ladho Bheel has been abducted by Niyaz Muhammad. After her abduction, she has been converted to Islam and is married off to her abductor. Unfortunately, this has been a trend in Pakistan. Hindu girls, being minority and ‘kafir’, get no legal hearing and often witness the fate of abduction, conversion and marriage to her abductor.

And the biggest irony is that the so called judicial system imposes the unjust conversion and marriage over these helpless girls by granting certificates for the same.

Maani With Her Abductor Niyaz Muhammad (Photo: Social Media)

It is unfortunate to see the precarious condition of Hindu women and girls in Pakistan when there is no legal support for them. The entire system is guided by a sentiment of religious fundamentalism due to which these acts are neither stopping nor the victim is getting justice.  

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