POJK: Rawalakot prisoners urge Kashmiris to intensify protests against Pak ‘establishment’

prisoners urge kahmiris to unite
Letter from the prisoners (Photo: News Intervention)

Kashmiris in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir have united in their struggle against Pakistan and the local puppet regime. Escalating inflation has left the population struggling to meet their basic daily needs. Adding to their grievances, Pakistan has terminated subsidies on wheat flour, which had been accessible to the people in the past several months. Additionally, the electricity generated from the resources of POJK, particularly at the Mangla dam, is being transmitted to Pakistan and then sold back to Kashmiris at unreasonably high prices, often accompanied by extended power cuts. These issues have ignited widespread outrage among the populace.Over the past few weeks, Kashmiris have undertaken unprecedented protests, marking the largest demonstrations since Pakistan’s unlawful occupation of the region.

The protestors who have been arrested have been put behind bars at Rawlakot police station. They have strongly voiced their decision to remain behind bars as a mark of protest rather than be set free under the terms and conditions of the Pak backed puppet government.In addition through a signed letter, they have urged those fighting for people’s rights over the last five months to continue boycotting electricity bills. They’ve asked people to submit their unpaid bills to the Public Action Committees as done earlier to show unity against the establishment.The message from the prisoners highlight public determination to fight for justice and rights in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir and calls for policy changes in the region. The peoples’ movement in Pak occupied Jammu and Kashmir is getting stronger and stronger with time sending a clear message to the Pak ‘establishment’ that they will not bend down to the exploitation and atrocities inflicted on them which has been going on for years.

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