Hindu women escapes the captivity of a radical Islamist in Pakistan

Hindu Women Escaped From The Captivity Of Radical Islamist In Pakistan (Photo: News Intervention)

In a distressing incident, a Hindu woman was abducted two months ago by a radical Islamist in Pakistan. The victim, Reeta Meghwar was abducted by Ashiq Ahmadani from Badin in Sindh. Her whereabouts remained unknown until she managed to escape the captivity of her abductor a day ago.

She told her horrific story that is the harsh reality of Hindu women who are targeted on the basis of religion in Pakistan. After she was abducted, she was forced to give up on her religion and convert to Islam. Reeta was also coerced to marry a Muslim man. The fanatic Islamists threatened her that if she doesn’t accept their dictates, her parents would be killed.

This is the sorry state of Hindus and especially women who suffer at the hands of radical Islamist in Pakistan. A country that has devastated the life of religious minorities and only persecuted them stands shamelessly on the global platforms talking about minority rights in other countries.

The incident underscores the reason for the dramatic fall in the Hindu minority population in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan since its formation. Hindus are not safe under the administration of this terror regime. It must be noted that Hindus don’t even have a safe refuge in Pakistan while dealing with such cases. The bigoted Islamic clerics, judiciary, law enforcement institutions and Pakistan Army, each and every part of this syndicate is involved in this persecution with a sole motive of converting every single minority to Islam.  

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