How to make it huge in the artistic world?

Tattoo artist and fashionpreneur Brando Chiesa.

Tattoo artist and fashionpreneur Brando Chiesa gives his opinion. Brando Chiesa has changed the norms of the design and artistic worlds for the better, attaining unbelievable success.

There are so many books, resources, informational guides, etc., that can definitely help people up their game in their respective industries. But, nothing really beats the inspiration and motivation people can draw from real success stories and the experiences they had in the real world. Knowing more about these individuals can help aspiring talented beings direct their efforts in the right direction and gain immense prominence and name in their respective industries, even as youngsters from across the world. Brando Chiesa saw the rise of many greats in different niches of the art world and realized his true purpose to become a modern-day tattoo artist and fashionpreneur with his clothing brand.

Today, he has come forward to share a few tips he believes can help rising talents reach the top in the artistic world. The Italian artist says some people only focus on becoming the “artist” but fail to realize that there are many other jobs as well in the field that can eventually lead them up to become one. They can start with equally important roles in the artistic world, explore more opportunities for growth and then gradually go ahead in becoming an artist themselves.

He adds on further that everything today revolves around digital mediums and social media, and hence, it is advised to become a part of art-related social media handles. This will help individuals to get introduced to a variety of art forms, several opportunities, job offers, and even platforms to showcase their talent and help reach their art out there. Brando Chiesa explains that it is essential to surround oneself with people who share the same interest, which can again happen with the help of social media. This will allow artists to share their ideas, gain insights from others, and together grow as artists.

It is also important to be aware of the trends in the industry, which can give people an opportunity to learn new things in order to stay up on their artistic game. Brando Chiesa (@brandochiesa) lastly says that to become a great artist, be it in any realm, individuals need to consume as much art as possible and keep finding inspiration around them.

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