Pak Human Rights body ‘concerned’ over Islamabad Bar’s disengagement from Iman Mazari

Iman Zainab Mazari (Photo: Twitter)

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has expressed concern over the Islamabad Bar Association’s expression of disengagement from Iman Mazari,daughter of the former Human Rights Minister of Pakistan. Expressing concern, the HRCP said in a statement that the Islamabad Bar’s non-alignment after the FIR against Iman Mazari was a matter of concern as there was a false FIR against Iman for making a statement against the army.

RCP condemns FIR against Iman Mazari as FIR against Iman Mazari is aimed at interfering in military politics and raising voice on Iman Mazari for enforced disappearances of students, journalists and human rights defenders. The statement said that Iman Mazari is a human rights lawyer and it is her job to raise voice for human rights. Human Rights of Pakistan demands that the FIR registered against Iman Mazari be withdrawn immediately

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