POK Kashmiris struggling for school upgradation

The locals of the Bagh area of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir who held the meeting .(Photo: News Intervention)

An important meeting of the locals was held in Bagh area of ​​Pakistan Occupied Kashmir in which the issue of school building and upgradation was discussed. The people demanded from the Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Chief Secretary Kashmir and MLA Begum Amitaz Naseem that they should consider their two tasks which they had promised during the election campaign. They said, “You promised that I will give high status to this school and its building work will be completed soon”. The promise is yet to be fulfilled. Despite the unfulfilled promises, the staff of the school gave the best results. The other big demand is to give high status to this school. The  institution is ancient and  the foundation of this school was laid in 1928 when Pakistan was not even created . Since then the school has not been upgraded. They said that sit in the garden and make the children study. Hence, “it is important that the office bearers fulfilled their promises” is what they demanded in the meeting.

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