Ibrahim Khan booked for trapping a 14 year old Hindu girl in love jihad & raping her in Maharashtra

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In a shocking incident, Mumbai Police in Maharashtra have taken action against an individual named Ibrahim Khan for the heinous crime of raping a 14-year-old Hindu girl and threatening her life.

Reportedly, Khan traped the minor into a ‘love’ affair and then coerced her into sexual relations. An FIR has been filed against Khan, according to which, the incident occurred in the Kashigaon area of Mumbai in November 2023.

At that time the victim had just moved to the locality with her sister after their parents’ death. Ibrahim, who lived in the neighbourhood approached the victim and professed his love for her, proposing marriage on November 8. Surprised girl took the time to respond. Meanwhile on November 11, when the victim was alone, he barged into her home and harassed her. Despite her refusal, Ibrahim used promise of marriage as a pretence and forced himself upon the girl.

Later in December same year, he again assaulted her sexually, abusing and threatening to kill her if she did not comply with his desires. Shockingly, the accuses also took her to a nearby Mosque, forcing her to follow Islamic tradition and observe Roza (practise of fasting during Ramadan). As the girl suspected her to have fallen in Love Jihad trap, she tried to maintain distance.

The girl later filed complaint with the police, to which the Mumbai police took swift action and registered a case.

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