Radical Islamist mob attacks Hindu temple in Ahmedabad, vandalises idol

Islamist mob inside Hindu temple in Ahmedabad (Photo: News Intervention)

On Wednesday evening, chaos erupted at the Prerna Peeth Nishkalki Mandir, a Hindu temple in Ahmedabad, as an Islamist mob launched a violent assault.

Videos circulating on social media show individuals, wielding sticks and iron rods. According to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the attack was pre-planned, resulting in damage to many sacred idols of Hindu deities inside the temple.

Like the Bhojshala complex, the temple has been a subject of contention between Muslim claimants and Hindu supporters, with disputes over its status as a shrine or a place of Hindu worship. Reports suggest that the incident was triggered by rumors of graves being disturbed at the site, leading to a gathering of local Muslims. Acting on rumours, the mob forcibly entered the temple, causing extensive damage to its walls and destroying religious icons.

Videos of the attack prompted condemnation from various groups, including the VHP and the Gujarat unit of Bajrang Dal.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Ahmedabad rural district police station, Special Operations Group (SOG), and Local Crime Branch (LCB), quickly intervened to restore order. An investigation is underway to identify and apprehend those responsible for the violence, ensuring justice for the desecration of the temple.

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