Protests block Quetta-Karachi highway against Pak Army’s raid on tribal leader’s home

Highway Blockades Bring Mastung to a Standstill
Quetta-Karachi Highway (Photo - News Intervention)

The Quetta-Karachi Highway has been blocked at two different locations near Mastung due to ongoing protests. This severely disrupted the traffic movement on the major key locations.

In the first incident, a group of women have staged a sit-in protest at Khadda Kucha Mastung to condemn the late-night raid by Pak Army on the residence of tribal leader Mir Gul Jan Shahwani in Mastung district. The Army not only vandalised the home, property and valuable materials like cars but also violated of human rights and sanctity during the raid. Sadly, this is the seventh instance where the Army forcefully raided innocent civilian’s homes.

Meanwhile, at the Badrang locality, a group of truck drivers have also blocked the Quetta-Karachi Highway to protest against the violence by Motorway Police against them. Not only that, the Army blatantly cites security reason to establish anti-smuggling checkpoints, however, under this guise, personnel extract lakhs of rupees in bribes from truck drivers and passenger buses. Bribery of Pakistan Army is on the rise in Pak-occupied-Balochistan.

The Quetta-Karachi Highway is a major route in Pak-occupied-Balochistan. Therefore, with the problems still unresolved, the people especially women, are taking to the streets once again in protest

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