Sindh: Dacoits abduct a Pashtun child, releases video with noose around his neck

abduction in sindh
Abducted Sindhi boy with noose around his neck (Photo: X)

In a heart-wrenching incident, a young child named Ayaz Pathan has become the latest victim of ruthless dacoits in Sindh, Pakistan. The chilling video capturing his abduction has sent shockwaves through the region, depicting the terrifying ordeal faced by the innocent child and his family. In the footage, Ayaz is seen with a noose around his neck, a harrowing symbol of the terror inflicted upon him.

The kidnappers have issued cold-hearted demands, threatening Ayaz’s parents with dire consequences unless they pay a hefty ransom. This tragic incident adds to a string of similar crimes where dacoits have abducted individuals and recorded videos to demand ransom, highlighting the alarming rise of criminal activity in the region.

Earlier incidents

For quite some time, the people of Sindh have been voicing concerns about the unchecked activities of dacoits who operate with impunity. Last year, Mukhi Jagdish Kumar, a 72-year-old Hindu trader, and his grandson were abducted by dacoits in Kashmore district. Despite pleas for help, the police turned a blind eye to their abduction, and a month later, a distressing video surfaced showing Jagdish Kumar being tortured by the criminals.

More recently, a businessman named Dharmendra received a troubling phone call informing him of an FIR filed against him in Kashmore Police station. Confused and alarmed, Dharmendra found himself unable to verify the authenticity of the call or the identity of the complainant. Fearful for his safety, he expressed reluctance to travel to Kashmore, citing the ongoing abduction crimes targeting Hindu businessmen in the region.

These brazen acts of criminality are often targeted at minority communities, including Hindus, Christians, and other marginalized groups, with extortion demands reaching exorbitant amounts. The dacoits responsible for these atrocities operate under the patronage of local warlords who enjoy impunity due to their political connections.

The complicity of the establishment and the police in providing protection to these criminals has exacerbated the situation, leaving innocent civilians vulnerable to abduction and extortion.

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