ISKP terrorists bomb and destroy Taliban oil tanker near Kabul

ISKP terrorist attack
Image caption: ISKP press release (Photo: X)

In a targeted attack on April 9th, ISKP (Islamic State Khorasan Province) terrorists detonated an IED in the Murad Beg Qalaa area, north of Kabul, Afghanistan. The explosion destroyed an oil tanker and set others ablaze within a Taliban convoy.

The attack came just day before the Eid festival. Conspicuously, Islamic State and Afghan Taliban have come to loggerheads as ISKP (Khorasan Province) accuses Taliban of apostacy and deviating for the path of jihad. Recently, finding an ISKP attack imminent, Taliban went on high alert. It even erected a wall around a Kabul Mosque to prevent the potential ISKP attack on it targetting Taliban leader Hazibullah Akhundzada, who was supposed to offer prayers in the mosque.

The friction between both the terror organisation is at the all-time-high. Last month, the Islamic State-Khorasan Province targeted the Kabul bank branch in Kandahar in a suicide bombing that killed 43 and left 45 injured.

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