Voice of Missing Persons Sindh organises protest camp; demands freedom of missing Sindhi workers

protest camp organized
Protest camp for liberation of missing Sindhi laborers (Photo: X)

Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh, in collaboration with the ‘Sindh Sajagi Forum,’ convened a protest camp in support of the liberation of missing Sindhi laborers.

According to the Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh (VMPS), the protest camp was established on Wednesday night and persisted until Thursday noon.

VMPS conveyed, “On behalf of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh and Sindh Sajagi Forum, a protest camp was set up for the freedom of all missing Sindhi workers from last night Eid night till noon today.”

Criticizing what they perceive as the Sindh government’s incompetence, demonstrators expressed their frustration regarding the inability to locate and rescue Kumari, abducted from Sukkur just days ago.Displaying placards, protestors vehemently condemned what they deemed the routine abduction of innocent Hindu girls in Sindh and highlighted the worsening security conditions for religious minorities.

Notably, the brutal assassination of Sindhi nationalist Hidayat Lohar by the Pakistan Army and the year-long case of missing girl child Priya Kumari have sparked a wave of unrest in Sindh. A series of protests have ensued in both cases with similar outcomes of atrocious handling and no resolution.

These incidents have once again underscored that the only means of survival in Sindh is through silence and ignorance in the face of persecution. Any dissenting voice is met with extra-judicial force.

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