Islamabad police manhandles Baloch Yakjehti conference participants

Baloch Conference Overcomes Army's Obstacles
Baloch Yakjehti Committee (Photo - X)

Islamabad, Pakistan: A peaceful conference organized by the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) was disrupted by Islamabad Police, leading to the detention and injury of several participants. The “International Conference of the Oppressed” aimed to discuss human rights issues faced by various groups, including the Baloch people.

Reportedly, Police, under the influence of Pakistan Army, hindered the event in various ways, including:

  • Confiscation of equipment: Speakers, chairs, tables, and other essential items were taken away before the conference.
  • Restricted entry: Attendees were denied entry, preventing full participation.
  • Physical altercations: Participants, including speakers like Professor Manzoor Baloch and Advocate Imran, were allegedly manhandled and subjected to physical force.
  • Blockades and security restrictions: Roads were blocked and the event venue surrounded by barbed wire, further limiting access and movement.

Baloch conference

Reportedly, upon returning from the lunch break, participants of the Conference were met with police violence, adding another layer of brutality to the situation. The BYC condemned the police actions, calling them “a blatant attempt to silence dissent.”

Dr. Naseem Baluch, Chairman of BNM, strongly condemned the behavior of Islamabad police towards Professor Manzoor Baloch, Advocate Imran, and others. He emphasized the absurdity of a 4th-grade police officer treating a professor in such a deplorable manner, calling it the real face of colonialism. Dr. Baluch urged collective condemnation of such actions and appealed to the international community to hold Pakistan accountable.

Dr. Naseem Baluch stated, “This behavior towards professors and advocates is unacceptable. It exposes the true face of oppression in Pakistan.”

Despite these challenges, the BYC managed to conduct the conference. Dr. Mahrang Baloch, leader of the BYC, declared, “Despite these disruptions, we consider this a victory. We stand firm against oppression, and our voices will not be silenced.” The conference aimed to raise awareness about the plight of oppressed Baloch communities and sought support from the international community.

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee urges the world to amplify their voices against the ongoing challenges faced by the Baloch people from March 27, 1948 when Pak Army forcefully occupied the resource rich region Balochistan.

Since then, innocent Baloch civilians have been subjected to grave injustices such as daily home invasions, kidnappings and abductions for ransom, enforced disappearances, staged encounters, torture, and humiliation at checkpoints.

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