Mahrang Baloch organizes awareness campaigns in universities & colleges about Pak atrocities

Mahrang Baloch and fellow activists raises awareness campaign in Universities and Colleges
Mahrang Baloch campaigns (Source: X)

In a bold move against the Baloch genocide, Mahrang Baloch and fellow activists in the fourth phase of the movement aim to raise awareness nationally and internationally against the ongoing rights abuses, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings by the Pak Army in Pak-occupied Balochistan. For this movement, several initiatives are being undertaken, and one such initiative is organizing a conference beyond borders for oppressed people and launching various awareness campaigns in universities and colleges.

In the recent post by Mahrang Baloch, it can be seen that Mahrang Baloch and other activists are actively interacting with students in universities and colleges and raising awareness campaigns. It aims to educate people nationally and internationally about the ongoing Baloch genocide.

The group passionately appeals to the global community, especially the youth of Pakistan and worldwide, to support the campaign against Baloch genocide and encourage the spirit of Baloch women by supporting them and raising a collective voice for every victim of the atrocities by the Pak Army.

This ongoing conflict in the Balochistan region has claimed many innocent lives till now, and the list only continues to grow. The urgency of this situation cannot be overestimated. Balochistan has been forcibly occupied by the oppressive Pak Army since March 27, 1948. Since then, innocent Baloch civilians have been subjected to grave injustices such as daily home invasions, kidnappings and abductions for ransom, enforced disappearances, staged encounters, torture, and humiliation at checkpoints.

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