Release of PTM activists after being arrested for protesting against Pak atrocities on Afghan refugees

Release of PTM activists
Released PTM activists (Photo: Social Media)

Eid-ul-Rehman Wazir and Zakeem Wazir, both the activists of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), have been released from Bannu Central Jail after being among those arrested in October of the previous year. Alongside them, Geelaman Wazir was also detained during the same period. However, despite their release, Geelaman and another PTM member, Noorullah Tareen, continue to remain in custody.

Noorullah Tareen, serving as the Provincial head of PTM in Sindh, was arrested by the police from Sindh shortly after the detention of Eid-ul-Rehman, Zakeem, and Geelaman. These arrests took place during a period when the PTM activists raised their voices against the alleged illegal crackdown on Afghan refugees in October.

As Eid-ul-Rehman and Zakeem Wazir regain their freedom, the fate of Geelaman and Noorullah Tareen remains uncertain, awaiting their release from detention. The arrests drew attention due to the activists’ vocal advocacy against the mistreatment of Afghan refugees, emphasizing ongoing concerns related to human rights and freedom of expression in Pakistan.

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