Nervous Pakistan officials raid PTM Chief Pashteen’s house ahead of protest

Pashteen exposes unequal treatment in Pakistan
PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: News Intervention)

The local Police barged into the home of PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen and harassed his family in South Waziristan.

Yesterday, on the night of October 12, SHO South Waziristan, Sarokai Ashiq Elahi raided the house of PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen in an attempt to arrest him. The local police yet again showed its inhumane face when they harassed the family members of Manzoor Pashteen. In fact, it is evident that whenever, cruel Pakistan Army or its subsequent machineries raid a house of any activist, the first thing they do is they harass women and children. This shows their corrupt and horrific mindset, according to which, targeting women and family can silence the voice of oppressed.  

Nonetheless, this uncivilized and barbaric act was done on the call of Pakistan Army, whom Pasteen, has several times accused of persecuting Pashtuns. Interestingly, this illegal raid on the PTM Chief house comes just a day after PTM set up a camp in Pakhtunkhwa to collect aid to help the victims of Herat earthquake, however, Pakistan closed the camp.

Meanwhile, PTM Central Committee member Farman Akhtar has been arrested today in Wana, Lower South Waziristan. Agonised by this, the local PTM workers blocked the Wana-DI Khan road for all kind of traffic.

Pakistan has no way to deal with PTM

The rising influence of PTM in the region or its growing acceptance, for that matter, is perceived  by the Pak Army as a threat to their, so far unchallenged, dictatorship. Hence, they want to decimate the group at any cost.

Additionally, the raid on Pashteen is even more concerning, considering the fact that just a couple of hours earlier, he announced to hold a protest next day, against the illegal abduction and imprisonment of PTM workers namely, Zakim Khan, Eid-ul-Rehman, Gilaman, Noorullah Tareen. The protest was to be held in front of Miran Shah military cantonment at 2 PM.

This shows that Pakistan Army is afraid of PTM and its protest. And it happened after the last PTM protest that shook the roots of Pakistani establishment.  

For long Pakistan has used this region to bolster its terror industry. And in pursuit of that the cost has been paid, exclusively, by the inhabitant Pashtuns. The region is grappling with the challenges of instability and insecurity. And to fight that and fight for their just rights, PTM has vocally protested the establishment non-violently.

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