Islamabad Police tries to confiscate Baloch protesters’ speaker

Islamabad Police Move to Confiscate Baloch Protesters' Speaker
Police Clash with Baloch Demonstrators (Photo - Social Media)

Recently, the Islamabad Police made an attempt to seize the speaker used by Baloch protesters during a seminar at the protest site. The incident unfolded as law enforcement officers sought control over the audio equipment employed by demonstrators to amplify their voices.

Despite police efforts, the Baloch protesters, led by Dr. Mah Rang and others, vehemently resisted the confiscation attempt. In a display of resilience, they successfully prevented the authorities from taking possession of the speaker.

The situation unfolded during a scheduled seminar at the protest site, where police personnel arrived and endeavored to take control of the equipment utilized by demonstrators for communication. Dr. Mah Rang and fellow activists confronted the police, managing to reclaim the speaker in the process.

Video footage shared on various social media platforms captured Dr. Mah Rang addressing the Baloch police, asserting that confiscating the speaker would not silence their voices. She emphasized the significance of the speaker in bringing attention to the grievances of Baloch people, stating that it symbolizes the cries of mothers and the plight of the oppressed.

During the incident, a police officer was reported to have remarked that their presence was merely to observe the situation.

Reacting to the police action, a civilian at the scene questioned the officers, asking, “Who are you to enjoy watching and making such comments? Would you say the same if your children were missing?”

This incident follows a pattern, with Sammi Deen, Vice Chair for Baloch Missing Persons, noting that it’s perplexing how law enforcement consistently takes issue with their sound system. The latest episode saw the police forcefully confiscating the speaker from the ongoing protest camp in Islamabad. The Baloch activists maintain their stance, asserting their right to peaceful expression and highlighting their struggle through various means, including public seminars.

The march began in response to the extrajudicial killing of Balach Mola Bakhsh by the Pak Army, sparking concerns about enforced disappearances and human rights abuses in Pak-occupied-Balochistan

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