Surge in wheat price is a suicidal attack on the impoverished people of POGB: Awami Action Committee

surge in wheat price in POGB
Members of Awami Action Committee, Pak- Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (Photo: News Intervention)

An emergency meeting convened by the Awami Action Committee of Pakistan-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (POGB), under the leadership of Chief Coordinator Ehsan Ali Advocate, took place in Gilgit. The meeting was attended by members of the committee’s core team and esteemed senior leaders. During the meeting, members of the committee voiced concerns, sorrow, and indignation in response to the occupying government’s notification on the surge in wheat prices. A resolute declaration to launch robust public opposition against the occupying government’s injustice was made.

Furthermore, key leaders issued immediate directives for protest mobilization across all districts and administrative divisions in response to the latest orders of the occupying government.

80% increase in wheat prices in one stroke

Notably, on December 26, the occupying government issued a notification that increased the wheat prices by Rs. 16. Earlier, the price of wheat was Rs. 20, which is now been increased to Rs. 36, with effect from January 1, 2024. More disturbing is the fact that a one shot heavy surge of 80 % in prices comes at a point when the native Kashmiris are already protesting against the hike for past many months. Therefore, the recent notification echoes the concerns of people in the region that their voice is going unheard on the ears of occupying authoritarian regime.

Copy Of Wheat Price Hike Notification (Photo: News Intervention)

Nevertheless, categorically denouncing the occupying government’s measures as a suicidal attack on the people of Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (POGB), the committee urged the public to vehemently oppose this mistreatment, stressing the necessity for public mobilization in defence of their rights. They emphasised that it was incumbent upon the populace to step out of their houses to assert their rights. Failure to do so, they cautioned, would result in the Pakistani establishment exploiting the wheat crisis through the imposition of unjust levels.

The committee is slated to unveil an action plan on December 31, leaving no refuge for ineffectual authorities. Encouraging unity and solidarity, they vowed the people’s unwavering support alongside the Awami Action Committee in their pursuit of justice.

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