Islamist Pakistan is carrying out slow genocide of Sindhi Hindus

Arab invader Muhammad bin Qasim (left) attacked Sindh in 712 AD. Raja Dahir (right), the King of Sindh was martyred in the battle with Muhammad bin Qasim.
Arab invader Muhammad bin Qasim (left) attacked Sindh in 712 AD. Raja Dahir (right), the King of Sindh was martyred in the battle with Muhammad bin Qasim.

The story of killing Sindhi Hindus and vandalizing temples in Sindh starts from 712 AD, when Arabs attacked Sindh and Muhammad bin Qasim killed the last Hindu King, Raja Dahir Sen of Sindhudesh. Muhammad bin Qasim’s sole purpose was to loot gold from temples and the vast wealth of Sindh. After the conquest of Sindh, the Sindhi girls were taken to Arab countries and sold in the streets as slaves. All these atrocities are still going on in Sindh, rather they have increased since Pakistan was created in 1947.

Jinnah played the role of a puppet in the hands of British due to his ignorance and ego. He was instrumental in India’s partition on the basis of this fake two nation theory, and as a result an unnatural Pakistan was created on the world’s map. “Islamic Republic Of Pakistan”, means a country only for Pak (pure) people — only Muslims.

In 1947, the population of Sindhi Hindus was 12.14% and now that percentage has dropped to 1.85%. Militancy and sectarianism started from the beginning of Pakistan’s creation as ISI was created in 1948 and it kept on increasing with every passing year. It increased substantially from 1980, and since the 1990s a war is waged against Sindh and Sindhi people’s identity as “Sindhiat”.

Map of Sindhudesh in 700 AD.

In fact, Hindus are not minority but real owners of Sindh and descendants of the Indus civilization and Raja Dahir, our last Sindhi Hindu king of Sindhudesh. Sindhi (Hindus or Muslims) in Pakistan are often treated as second class citizens, they are systematically discriminated and dehumanized. In reality Sindh has been occupied by Punjab in the name of Pakistan and central government. Sindhi Hindus face more atrocities due to enmity of Pakistan with India and the radical Islamist ideology.

At the time of creation of Pakistan in 1947, there were 428 historical Hindu temples but now only 20 Hindu temples remain. As per one report of the All Pakistan Hindus Rights movement (PHRM), 95% of all Hindu temples in Pakistan have been converted to mosques or madrassas.

Recently within a year’s time, while world is fighting with China-COVID-19 Pakistani Islamist radical groups with support of military establishment and Pakistani government are continuously destroying, demolishing, and looting Hindu temples. In 2019 and in 2020 till now, five Hindu temples have been vandalized.

In 2020 the issue of a Hindu temple being constructed in Islamabad was highlighted, it made news as the first Hindu temple construction was announced in Islamabad. But what happened? No surprise as Islamist Jihadi mobs desecrated the temple construction site and the Islamic republic of Pakistan halted the construction of temple and referred the issue to the “Council of Islamic Ideology”.

The rise of Taliban-led insurgency in Pakistan has been an influential and increasing factor in persecution and discrimination against Sindh and especially Sindhi Hindus. The world’s top terrorist organizations and Jihadis like Hafiz Saeed and these so called “good Taliban” are free to establish madrassas in Sindh– a task that has been given to these culprits by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Several Hindu girls living in Pakistan are routinely kidnapped, forcibly converted and married to Muslims. Religious persecution especially forced conversions remains the foremost reason for migration of Hindus from Pakistan. Religious institutions like Bharchundi Sharif and Sarhandi Pir support forced conversions and are known to have support and protection of the ruling political parties of Sindh and Pakistan’s military establishment.

According to the National Commission of Justice and Peace and the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) around 1000 Sindhi Hindu women and Christian girls were converted to Islam and then forcibly married off to their abductors / rapists. This practice is reportedly increasing in the districts of Tharparkar, Umerkot and Mirpur Khas in Sindh and other parts of Pakistan. According to another report from the Movement for Solidarity and Peace, about 1,000 non-Muslim girls are converted to Islam each year in Pakistan. Amarnath Motumal, the vice chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says that every month, an estimated 20 or more Sindhi Hindu girls are abducted and converted. Since 2014 till now 3800 legal cases of forced conversion were reported mostly involving Sindhi Hindu girls.

A decade back, 57 Hindus were forced to convert by their employer as his sales had dropped after Muslims started boycotting his eatable items as they were being prepared by Hindus. Since the impoverished Hindus had no other way to earn and needed to keep the job to survive, hence they converted to Islam. Recently an accident was reported from Sanghar, Sindh where 171 poor Sindhi Hindus were converted to Islam because of poverty and lack of basic human rights .

Everyday two or three cases are reported from the Thar desert area wherein Hindus are murdered or suicidal accidents are reported, which is nothing but ethnic cleansing of Sindhi Hindus, an engineered and planned slow genocide.


  1. Hindus are going to extinct in Pakistan soon like they have gone from Afghanistan now. We have to take care of present India now.

  2. Creation of Country Pakistan is blunder mistake by Britain. Even our leaders should not have been agreed for partition. So many Muslims in India enjoying full freedom and living peacefully. We Indians in the name of religion cannot harm people of different faiths. In the name of reiligion, a large chunk of Hindu regions were grabed. In fact, more Muslims live in India than Pakistan.

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