JSFM celebrates Sindhi Cultural Day across Sindh with massive support

SIndh cultural day rally
JSFM Rally during Sindhi Cultural Day (Photo: Social Media)

In Hyderabad, the Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) marked Sindhi Cultural Day with resounding calls for the preservation of Sindhi identity and the denouncement of human rights violations in Sindh and Balochistan. The rally saw Baloch participation, emphasizing solidarity with the Sindhi nation amidst similar adversities faced by both regions under Pakistan’s oppressive regime.

The rally highlighted the rampant enforced disappearances plaguing both Sindhi and Baloch populations, leaving families torn apart by abductions in anguish without any recourse. Shockingly, these abductions often go undocumented, leaving countless Baloch families grappling with the anguish of missing loved ones for over a decade. Pakistan’s ‘Dump and Kill’ policy compounds this tragedy, targeting Baloch youths, including college students, whose bodies are later found dumped in public areas.

JSFM organized rallies across various locations in Sindh including, Kandyaro, Sehwan Dadu, Hyderabad Division, and Karachi Division, rallying against systemic injustices on Sindhi Cultural Day. The main demands raised during the rally were:

  1. Enforced Disappearances of Sindhi & Baloch: The rally strongly condemned the enforced disappearances orchestrated by the Pakistan Army and its puppet establishment, targeting dissenting voices within Sindhi and Baloch communities.
  2. Forced Conversion of Sindhi Hindu Girls: The plight of Sindhi Hindus, particularly young girls, remains a grave concern. Radical Islamists perpetrate abductions and forced conversions of Sindhi Hindu girls, pften marrying them off to Muslim men, sometimes their abductors, disregarding their age and consent. This has made the Hindu community vulnerable and persecuted.
  3. Immigration in Occupied Sindh: JSFM vehemently opposes demographic shifts orchestrated by Pakistan, aiming to alter the cultural landscape of Sindh. This effort to marginalize the indigenous population by settling migrants in Sindh contradicts the aspirations and heritage of the Sindhi people.

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