JSFM protests against Sakrand killings across Sindh

JSFM Protest In Sindh (Photo: Social Media)

Deeply agitated by the Sakrand killings, the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) organized protest demonstrations across Sindh.

In Mehar Dadu, JSFM activists conducted a protest rally, demanding justice for the victims killed by the Pakistan Army. They recounted the incident in which an elderly Sindh nationalist, along with many other villagers, was targeted by the brutal army. The indiscriminate firing resulted in the loss of nine innocent lives, including women.

During the protest, JSFM activists chanted the following slogans:

Ye jo dehshatgardi hai, iske peeche wardi hai” (The uniform is behind the terrorism).
Gudagardi band karo” (Stop the hooliganism).
They also paid tribute to their late leader G.M Syed by chanting: “monjo rehbar-monjo rehbar, GM Syed GM Syed” (Our leader, our leader, GM Syed, GM Syed).

Kotri Protest

Similarly, the protests were held in Kotri also. JSFM activists took to the streets and condemned the actions of the Pakistan Army. They shouted slogans like: “Pak chi Army te- Laanat” (Curse upon Pakistan Army). In a defiant tone, the protestors vowed to dismantle Pakistan and establish Sindhudesh, much like what happened in 1971 when Bangladesh was created.

They declared, “Todigasi – Todigasi, Pakistan Todegasi; kain khaatir – kain khatir, Sindhudesh tain khaatir” (We will break, Pakistan we will break; For what, For Sindhudesh) and “kal bana tha Bangladesh, aaj Banega Sindhudesh” (Yesterday Bangladesh was created, today Sindhudesh will be created).

Accordingly, after the indiscriminate and unaccounted killings of innocent men and women in Sakrand, Sindh is enraged and is opposing the Paki establishment and Pakistan Army in a unified voice. , the oppression against the Sindhi community by the Pakistan Army is an undeniable fact. What makes it even worse is the impunity, with which, the rangers have killed the innocent labourers and workers. Nonetheless, the incident yet again highlights the need of Sidhudesh for the protection of rights of Sindhis in the region.

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