Sindh United Party demands justice for Sakrand victims

protest against Sakrand victims
Protest against Sakrand killing (Photo: News Intervention)

In a powerful demonstration of unity and resilience, residents of Tando Allahyar along with Sindh United Party(SUP) took to the streets to protest against a recent tragic incident that has left the community in shock and mourning. The incident, which occurred in Maari Jalbani village in Sakrand, has sparked outrage and a collective call for justice.

The protesters gathered in Tando Allahyar to demand justice for the people lost in the Maari Jalbani incident and called for strict punishment for the heinous act. Their voices echoed through the streets as they sought answers and accountability for the devastating loss of innocent lives.

Sakrand Incident

The incident that prompted this impassioned protest unfolded in Maari Jalbani village in Sakrand, Sindh when the Pakistan Army entered the area to target Rajab Jalbani, an 80-year-old man who had retired from politics two years prior. But the barbarian Pakistan Army opened indiscriminate fire over the villagers present there.

Tragically, nine individuals lost their lives in this brutal assault, a toll that included women and children. Eyewitnesses revealed that the victims were laborers and impoverished individuals who had nothing to do with politics. They didn’t even got an idea what was happening neither they got an opportunity to resist the attack. The attack was swift and merciless, leaving the villagers in shock and despair. Even the presence of ambulances to transport the bodies to the hospital was notably absent.

The incident has fueled anger and frustration among the people of Sindh, a region that has long been at the forefront of demands for its rights and autonomy. The protesters in Tando Allahyar and beyond believe that this incident is emblematic of the undemocratic actions of the Pakistani Army, which has always acted with impunity and without accountability. It shows that the life of people in Sindh bear no cost for Pakistan neither do they have any right to seek justice. The interim government of Sindh has ordered an enquire into the incident. However, it is well known that where Army kills innocent people and controls every aspect of administration. Under such condition any enquiry is just a hollow procedure to cover the merciless act of the terrorist army.

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