Sindh witnesses yet another brutal murder of a Hindu teenager

hindu killed in sindh
Deceased teenager, Bhagwan Das (Photo: News Intervention)

In a tragic incident that has raised concerns about persecution of minorities in Pakistan, a Hindu teenager, Bhagwandas, was brutally murdered in Saleh Halepoto village in Sindh. The family of the victim has accused two Muslim landlords, Mehtab Halepoto and Ibrahim Panwar, of being involved in the heinous crime.

The incident occurred late at night when Bhagwandas was taken out of his house by force. The family claims that he was falsely accused of theft, leading to a violent altercation. Bhagwandas was subjected to severe beatings before being taken away.

Tragically, his lifeless body was discovered hanging from a tree by the neck the following morning. The gruesome discovery has rattled the community and yet again made them worried about the increasing crimes against the Hindu teengers.

The incident has yet again exposed the grim reality of the conditions of Hindus in Pakistan. Being a Hindu is more than a crime in Pakistan with having a life cheaper than anything. Its just a matter of accusation and any Hindu can be butchered or murdered without being given a chance of clarification. On the contrary, authorities often remain silent on such matters, as those targeted in these incidents are often viewed as non-believers (kafirs). In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a prejudiced ideology appears to be influential, with some Islamic extremists harboring deep-seated animosity toward other communities. Regrettably, these individuals hold prominent positions in politics and law enforcement, allowing this ideology to permeate various facets of society.

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