Sindh:Radical Islamists abduct two minor Hindu girls, forcibly convert & marry them

abduction anad forceful marriage in sindh
Minor Hindu Girls, Rani (Left) & Dadli Oad (Right) (Photo: News Intervention)

In a distressing and deeply troubling incident, two minor Hindu girls, aged 15 and 12, have been forcibly converted to Islam after their abduction. The girls are identified as Rani from Mirpurkhas and Dadli Oad from Umarkot, Sindh. The incidents have raised significant concerns about the protection of minority rights and the rights of minors in Pakistan.

The two minor Hindu girls were abducted and subsequently coerced into converting to Islam. Following their conversion, they were married off to Muslim men, adding to the anguish of their families. The incident has sparked outrage among human rights activists and members of the Hindu community, who are calling for immediate action to address this grave violation of human rights.

Religious minority communities in Pakistan have often faced discrimination and persecution. The gruesome act yet again underscores the mentality of the radical Islamists involved in these types of activities. Not only this, but the act incidents also highlight how these Islamic fanatics are provided a shield by the Pakistan establishment. They not only get legal protection but also get religious and moral support, for their act being considered by fanatic society as service to the religion.

The plight of Hindus and their daughters in Pakistan, especially in Sindh, is unimaginable and their voice for justice goes unheard.  

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