JSFM Chairman urges revitalisation of the national movement in Sindh

Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement logo
Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement logo

Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) Chairman, Sohail Abro has issued a statement calling for a revitalization of the nationalist struggle for the freedom of Sindh.

According to the statement, there is a pressing need for the revitalization of the national movement amidst the given circumstances, both in terms of leadership and organization. The recent state operation has prompted intellectual figure Syed Amin Jai to emphasize the significance of Sindudesh’s demands, organizational structuring, advocacy, and engagement with friendly nations. To address the concerns, political activist Pir Ali Shah Wari has taken the initiative to unite parliamentary politicians in Pakistan. He has urged them to prioritize national interests over personal gains. However, amidst these efforts, it is crucial to avoid discrediting the ideology of Sindhudesh, which stands for the preservation of Sindhi culture and rights and for the struggle of their freedom from Pakistan.

A Need For Strong Global Presence

In this pursuit, it is imperative to establish a strong presence on the international stage, aligning personal interests with global interests to garner trust and support. Such endeavors will invigorate the national workers’ morale, dispelling the prevailing sense of silence and despair. As the movement gains traction, the inherent drive for progress and advancement will naturally emerge, fostered by knowledge, literature, science, and other realms of human intellectual development. It is important to recognize that stagnation occurs when the pursuit of knowledge, literature, science, and experimentation ceases.

Amidst the current circumstances where the national movement has been overshadowed by state apprehensions, it is essential to break free from the shackles of fear, for it is inherent in human nature to evolve and progress. Progress can be achieved by fostering intellectual development in various fields, including knowledge, literature, science, and experimentation.As a result, a new revolutionary organization has emerged, empowered to dispel the sense of despair and silence and challenge the state’s oppressive fears. This young leadership represents an ideological revolutionary movement that forms the foundation of Sindudesh, safeguarding the Sindhi identity and striving for its preservation.

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