Pak Army opens fire on two JSFM members in Sindh

sindhis harmed by Pak Army
Injured Sindh nationalists (Photo: News Intervention)

Two Sindh nationalist workers have been attacked by the Pakistan Army at Karachi Mori in Sindh.

Reportedly, Sajjad Chana and his nephew Zahid Chana were travelling on their bike, when the Pakistan Army from the vehicle behind, opened fire on them. In a rampage, Sajjad Chana suffered fatal shots on his arm and leg. Later, the Army vehicle rammed their motorcycle, causing more brutal injuries. This was the second instance when Sajjad is being targeted by the Pak Army.

Both the nationalists belong to Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) and are actively fighting against the atrocities of Pakistan over the Sindh. The undisciplined way of operations by Pak Army shows that they are no better than a terrorist organisation which attacks innocent civilians.

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