Pak Army abducts five Balochs from Balochistan

pak army abducts balochs
Abducted Baloch Individuals (Photo: News Intervention)

Five Baloch nationals have been forcibly abducted by the Pakistan Army from Balochistan in just two days.

Three Balochs namely, Dinnar, Dad Baksh and Zabad were forcibly abducted by the Pakistan Army on the night of 13 July. All the three victims were attending a wedding ceremony when the personnel of Pak Army intruded and took them away. As of now they have been forcibly disappeared and their whereabouts are unknown.

A day after, two other individuals have also been illegally abducted by the Pak Army. On the 14th of July, Azam, son of Allah Dad and Zahoor Ahmad, son of Jam Khan belonging to Awaran and Bolan respectively were forcefully abducted by Pak Army from Quetta.

Azam and Zahoor

The cases of enforced disappearances are increasing rapidly in Balochistan. The voice of dissent is mercilessly suppressed by the military machinery. After Balochistan gained independence from British on 11th August 1947, it was illegally occupied by Pakistan in March 1948. Since then, Pakistan has used Balochistan as a colony but in more inhumane way than the British. As a result, people across Balochistan have been demanding an end to Pakistan’s colonialism in Balochistan and in order to suppress these freedom demanding voices, Pakistan has incorporated various barbaric tactics including mass killings, enforced disappearance, and unlawful detention in torture cells, among others. As of now, hundreds of innocent Baloch nationals have been either illegally detained or have been killed extra-judicially.

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