Kashmiri rappers sing paeans about Badalta Kashmir

Kashmiri rappers sing
Kashmiri duo rappers (left) Humaira Jan & (right) MC Raa (Photo: Screengrab)

Humey is bat pe maan, Tiranga meri chati pe, ye hai meri pehchan, mein Kashmiri desh mera Hindustan, raps a dynamic young Kashmiri duo to celebrate the progressive strides in the valley and giving voice to the silent majority of Kashmiris who are proud of being Indian.

In the 3-minute rap song, ‘Badalta Kashmir’, MC Raa and Humaira (Ayyzie) lend their voices to the transformative story and echo cultural resurgence in Kashmir. The rap song, a fusion of passion and pride, speaks to the heart of a region reviving its old glory. It lists the positive changes in the valley, including the successful hosting of events from the G20 Summit, Smart City initiatives, ongoing digitalisation, and a sharp reduction in terrorism and hate crimes in the region among other slew of measures after the abrogation of Article 370.   

The Government of India and several netizens have shared the rap song praising the young Kashmiri duo for giving voice to the “New and Reformed Kashmir”.

Taking to Instagram, the GOI praised their efforts in a post that read, “The youth of Kashmir have spoken, that too through a energetic (sic) rap song! Listen to the song that encapsulates the emergence of #NayaKashmir.”

Former Cricketer Suresh Raina also lauded budding Kashmiri artists and their rapping talent.  

 The rappers point out that the land of ascetics, enlightened individuals, and penance for Rishis had been longing for its own anthem; hence, they crafted a symphony for Kashmir.

The upbeat rapper duo narrates the transformative story of Kashmir which is marked by a visible reduction in terrorism, no loss of innocent lives, and foiling the enemy’s plan to create a wedge among communities. Every beat marks a departure from the old gloomy scenario and ushering in a new dawn that cherishes its profound union with India. 

As the rap further unfolds it highlights that the change is not just political; it’s societal as well citing the testimony of female empowerment  – ladkiya pehni jeans koi nhi kehta unko Sharm kar kyunki ab kapdo se nhi judge karte character, ladkiya sabse agey in every sector.

The rap renders a beautiful blend of progress through effective governance, modernisation, and spirituality – tourism yaha peak per, peaceful rahi yatra (Amarnath), successful governance impact iska check kar, khatam ab corruption.

The rappers underscore the fact that it’s not just the surroundings that have changed, but the very emotions of the people have gone through a positive transformation. Now their aspirations are soaring higher and they don’t differentiate between a girl and a boy.

The song echoes the sentiment that if united, no mark of betrayal can prevail and the intention is no longer to divide into Pandit (Kashmiri Hindus) boy and Muslim boy. Now the positive change is bringing hope, empowering the land, improving lives lending a helping hand, and education, jobs, and industries are rising.

Uniting hearts, breaking down the divides, pandit boy, Muslims boy, ka nhi maqsad Hetra lith milit rajo gaddar ch nishan check my words nothing I put wrong if we have unity we are most strong.

The verses dive deep into the essence of Kashmir – the land of the Sufis’, the pride of Sadhus, the embryonic cord for Kashmiri Pandits, the place of brotherhood, and much more. The land is free, free to attain progress and prosperity, free from violence because India (Hindustan) stands firmly behind Kashmiris, the duo voices the so-far unconveyed emotions of the valley through their rap. 

Ye sufiyon ki yami, ye sadhu ka mann, ye pandito ki Jaan, ye bhaichare ka nam, ye majhabo ki shan . . . Kashmir ki awaaj hai ye, Kom hai azaad, vanish huye fasad ..kyunki mere sath khada mera Hindustan.

The energetic duo concludes the symphony of change and anthem of ‘Reformed Kashmir’ by noting that the pride and life of every Kashmiri reside with the Indian nation be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian. We (Kausar Hindustani) are proud of the fact that our chest adorns Tiranga and my identity is that I am a Kashmiri and India is my country. Notably, Kausar is an Arabic word to describe the abundance of something.

In every beat and every word, the Kashmiri rapper duo paints a portrait of the valley in metamorphosis, a rejuvenated land, striding towards progress and embracing a reinvigorated pride for national fervor.

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