Pashtun leader Manzoor Pashteen on a 7 day physical remand after arrest

Manzoor Pashteen remembers 8 august
Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: News Intervention)

In a recent development at the anti-terrorism court in Islamabad, Manzoor Pashteen, a prominent pashtun rights leader and chief of the PTM (Pashtun Tahafuz Movement), faced a pivotal hearing concerning a case filed against him at Tarnol police station. The court, presided over by Pashtun Special Court judge Abul Hasnat Dzul-Qarnain, decided to grant a 7-day physical remand of the PTM leader to the police.

During the court proceedings, the police requested physical remand for Pashteen. However, the defense argued vehemently, asserting that consent does not amount to a physical demand of an individual. They highlighted the right to protest and referenced an incident in Pakistan occupied Balochistan where Manzoor Pashteen’s vehicle was fired upon, followed by his alleged abduction from the region. The defense emphasized that Pashteen was presented in court after a lapse of three days from the time of his kidnapping in Pak-occupied Balochistan.

Despite the defense’s arguments, the court ruled in favor of the police’s request, granting a 7-day physical remand of Manzoor Pashteen to further facilitate the ongoing investigation.

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