Pak Army fires at convoy of PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen & arrests him

Manzoor pashteen arrested
Gunshot marks seen on Manzoor Pashteen's Car (Photo: Social Media)

Pakistan Army opened fire on PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen and subsequently arrested him in Chaman.

Manzoor Pashteen, at the forefront of the fight for Pashtun and Afghan rights,has been attacked by the Frontier Corps of the Pakistan military while en route to join protests in Turbat. Recently, the CTD referred to four innocent Baloch youth as terrorists, reporting their death in an encounter. However, it soon emerged that this information was false and that it was an extrajudicial killing by CTD. These individuals had been in the custody of CTD for weeks, and their killing was merciless. Subsequently, families of the deceased and numerous Baloch people started protesting against CTD. The PTM Chief, supporting these protests, planned to visit Turbat and address the situation.

Reportedly, while en route to Turbat, the Pakistan Army fired indiscriminately on his convoy in Chaman. After the shooting, he has been arrested by the Army. Additionally, PTM is also staging protests at the Chaman border against the mandatory passport ruling for border crossings, which has adversely impacted a large number of Pashtun traders. As of now, PTM has announced that soon the plan of action will be decided by the central committee.

Various regions in Pakistan continue to experience oppression under the authoritarian regime. As a result, people from across these regions are uniting to voice their opposition against the oppressive establishment. In response to this unified resistance, the Pakistan Army is acting nervously. The assault on Manzoor Pashteen underscores Pakistan as a rogue nation that disregards law and order, neglects addressing people’s grievances, and instead, seeks to silence voices of dissent. The legitimate demands of the people are brutally suppressed to maintain absolute control over the populace.

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