PTM Chief criticizes Pak media bias in Chaman protest & Baloch struggle

Manzoor Pashteen At Chaman Protest (Photo: News Intervention)

During an address at the protest site, PTM (Pashtun Tahafuz Movement) Chief launched a scathing critique against Pakistani media, accusing it of biased reporting and deliberate negligence towards ongoing protests in Chaman and Balochistan. He emphasized the ethical essence of journalism, asserting that unbiased reporting is essential. He pointed out the media’s failure to cover the 40-day-long Chaman protest and the Baloch protests, contrasting it with the extensive coverage given to even minute information by the DG ISPR.

The Chaman protest, now extending over 40 days, has emerged as a focal point against the mandatory passport implementation at the Durand Line. This abrupt decision by the Pakistani establishment has cast uncertainty among Pashtun Afghans with family and trade ties across the border. Protesters are demanding a reinstatement of the previous procedure, where travelers were issued a slip instead of mandating passports.

Despite the significant presence of thousands of protesters, the Pakistani media’s blackout regarding the Chaman protest has become a focal point of criticism. The PTM Chief highlighted the media’s disregard for the grievances of the persecuted and economically marginalized, contrasting it with the disproportionate attention given to selective narratives.

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