Manzoor Pashteen condemns killing of young Baloch in Turbat by Pak CTD

Pashteen exposes unequal treatment in Pakistan
PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: News Intervention)

In a vocal condemnation of the recent extrajudicial killings of four Baloch youths by the Counter Terrorism Department in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, PTM (Pashtun Tahafuz Movement) Chief Manzoor Pashteen took to X, expressing anguish over the tragic events unfolding in the region. Pashteen’s heartfelt tweet shed light on the pain endured by the Baloch nation, with innocent teenagers lying lifeless before their grieving families due to these incidents of extrajudicial violence.

He wrote, “The Baloch nation is in pain, witnessing teenagers’ bodies lying before their distraught mothers and sisters due to extrajudicial killings,” Pashteen’s tweet resonated the collective sorrow and anguish felt by many over the ongoing turmoil in Balochistan.

Pashteen, known for his advocacy for human rights and against state oppression, made a notable appearance at the Chaman protest on November 28, raising a vehement voice against the heinous act committed by the Counter Terrorism Department. He stood in solidarity with the Baloch brothers, acknowledging their ongoing protests in Tubat and condemning the ruthless actions of what he described as a “fascist and brutal regime.”

During his speech at the Chaman protest, Pashteen unequivocally extended PTM’s support to the demonstrators in Turbat, emphasizing the movement’s unwavering commitment to stand by the persecuted and oppressed. He vehemently criticized the Pakistan Army’s alleged involvement in the extrajudicial killings, labeling their actions as barbaric and deserving condemnation from all quarters.

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