Pakistan CTD arrests Latif Baloch earlier abducted by Pak Army from Sindh

latif baloch arrested
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In a disturbing case, Pakistan counter-terrorism forces have arrested a man abducted from Sindh, accusing him of being a member of a separatist group and possessing explosives.

Latif, son of Bacha, a resident of Sibi Lahari in Pak-occupied Balochistan, was taken by Pakistan Army on November 29 from Larkana in Sindh. His family vehemently denies any affiliation with any armed group and claims he was just a laborer seeking work in Sindh.

However, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) paints a different picture. In a statement released today, the CTD claims Latif was a member of the Baloch Republican Guard (BRG), a armed organization known for its actions against the Pakistan Army.

“Latif was apprehended with explosive materials and identified as a BRG member who planned to target prominent figures in Sindh,” the CTD statement declared. This includes politicians, military personnel, and journalists, according to the CTD.

The arrest comes amidst growing anger in Balochistan over forced disappearances. Human rights groups estimate over 2,000 Baloch people are currently missing, allegedly abducted by Pakistani forces. This has fueled protests across the province, with Turbat witnessing its 10th consecutive day of demonstrations against these disappearances and the alleged killing of missing persons in staged encounters.

Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, also hosts a protest camp led by the families of missing persons, including Rashid Hussain Baloch. This camp enters its 6th day today, demanding answers and accountability from the Pakistani government.

Latif’s family remains unconvinced by the CTD’s narrative. They believe this is a fabricated story to silence dissent and justify the ongoing crackdown on Baloch activists. The CTD has faced accusations of framing Baloch activists in the past, further fueling the family’s skepticism.

The case of Latif has become a microcosm of the larger struggle in Balochistan. It highlights the complex interplay between security concerns, separatist movements, and allegations of human rights violations. As tensions escalate, Latif’s fate hangs in the balance, and the future of countless others who remain missing remains shrouded in uncertainty.

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