Kashmiris protest outside Pakistan High Commission in London demanding basic amenities for the people of POJK

protest by Kashmiris in london
Kashmiris In London Protesting Outside Pakistan High Commission (Photo; News Intervention)

The rights movement in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) has transcended borders and found its voice in the United Kingdom. In a remarkable show of solidarity, a significant number of Kashmiris in London gathered outside the Pakistan High Commission to voice their support for the ongoing movement in POJK. Kashmiris residing in the UK have come out in strong support of their compatriots in POJK, protesting against the lack of basic amenities particularly the skyrocketing electricity prices and inflation.

The protesters, hailing from various cities across the UK, displayed banners, and black flags, standing in unity with their fellow Kashmiris across the seas.

Support for the Joint Public Action Committee’s Demands

The protesters in London expressed their unwavering support for the movement organized under the banner of the Joint Public Action Committee (Awami Action Committee) in POJK. They enthusiastically endorsed the Charter of Demands, which includes calls for affordable electricity, subsidized flour, an end to privileges for the ruling elite, and resolution of public cases in the region.

The ongoing protests in POJK are the second phase of the movement which started from May this year.

The movement’s first phase began last year and intensified in ongoing second phase this year. Following the release of joint communique, Awami Action Committee held mass protests and complete shutdowns on October 5, which marked the biggest and most widespread protest in the history of POJK. Following this, on October 10, the Awami Action Committee organized a protest involving women and children across the region, garnering significant attention and participation.

Ongoing Demands for Basic Amenities

Kashmiris in POJK are demanding electricity at the price of production from the Mangla Dam and subsidized flour, highlighting their long-standing grievances due to the region’s exploitation and deprivation of basic necessities on the hands of Pakistan over the past 75 years.

As the movement continues to gain momentum and international recognition, the Kashmiri diaspora stands united in their demand for a better future and access to essential services for the people of POJK. The next protest of the movement will see students in POJK taking to the streets to voice their concerns and demands for a better life on October 17.

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