Radical Islamists abduct another minor Hindu girl in Sindh

Abducted Minor Hindu Girl (Photo: News Intervention)

Minor Hindu girl has been abducted from her house by some radical Islamists in Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh.

On 8 October, Radha Meghwar, a 13-year-old minor Hindu girl was abducted from her house by Tharo Khaskheli and his goons. The family members registered an FIR against the perpetrators but it has been five days and police has failed, both, to arrest the perpetrators and  to recover the girl.

Th incident and the impunity of radical Islamists in Pakistan especially Sindh has aroused resentment in the minorities. Incidents like these have become routine in Sindh.

Copy of FIR, Pg.1 (Photo: News Intervention)
Copy Of Fir, Pg.2 (Photo: News Intervention)

Recently, a Hindu woman aged 34 years was physically tortured by some radical Islamists before being brutally murdered in Khipro village of Sanghar district in Sindh, Pakistan. The gruesome incident once again highlights the degrading condition of minority Hindus in Pakistan.  As per reports, the perpetrators of the crime have been apprehended by the police. However, it is worthless to expect justice for the woman, seeing the track record of police in Pakistan while dealing with the crimes against Hindus.

Hindu women and girls are the prime targets of these radical Islamists. Unfortunately, they are proudly doing such an act of inhumanity and cowardice because they get widespread support from the establishment, police, local bigoted clerics. The life of Hindu girls and women has become hell in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Mostly, the girls are abducted and converted to Islam. Some of them are even raped and married off to the abductor. The incidents becomes more grieving when the courts turn a blind eye over these incident. Its time that the international community must take cognizance of the issue and deal with this menace, once and for all.

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