Kuki People’s Alliance withdraws support to Biren Govt in Manipur

MLAs withdraws support
N.Biren Singh ,CM Manipur ; support withdrawal letter by the KPA (Photo: News Intervention)

The Kuki People’s Alliance (KPA), a key political player in Manipur, has officially withdrawn its support from the BJP-led government in the state. The announcement was made by KPA president Tongmang Haokip on Sunday evening, citing a lack of fruitful outcomes from their continued backing of the incumbent government.

In a statement released on Sunday, KPA President Tongmang Haokip stated, “After careful consideration of the current conflagration, the continued support for the incumbent government of Manipur, led by Chief Minister N Biren Singh, is no longer fructuous. Accordingly, the support of the KPA to the Government of Manipur is hereby withdrawn and can be considered null and void.”

The KPA holds two seats in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, represented by MLAs Kimneo Haokip Hangshing and Chinlunthang, who represent Saikul and Singhat respectively. Formed in 2022, the KPA marked its political debut by securing these two seats in the Assembly elections. Following the election, the party lent its support to the BJP during the government formation process.

The recent decision to withdraw support follows a period of tension and disagreement between the KPA and the BJP-led government. Meanwhile, the Manipur political landscape is further complicated by the presence of eight other MLAs from the Kuki community, all aligned with the BJP. These MLAs, including two ministers, have been openly at odds with the Biren Singh government, yet have not severed ties with the ruling coalition.

As the Manipur Assembly prepares to convene on August 21, there are indications of potential disruption. BJP MLA LM Khaute, representing Churachandpur, expressed concerns over the prevailing law and order situation and stated his inability to attend the session. Khaute suggested that the ongoing unrest stemming from demands made by the Kukis for a separate administration could impede the participation of several Kuki-Zomi-Hmar MLAs.

Additionally, the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), a Meiti organization, announced a “social boycott” of the Manipur government, its MLAs, and functionaries. This decision is in response to the government’s failure to convene a special Assembly session to address the ongoing crisis. COCOMI coordinator Jeetendra Ningomba emphasized that their demand was for an urgent special session, not a regular one.

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