Sindh:Radical Islamists abduct & coerce another Hindu girl into marriage

Maryam Kohli and her abductors (Photo: News Intervention)

In a distressing incident, a 16-year-old Hindu girl named Maryam Kolhi was reportedly abducted by a group of radical Islamists, while leaving her school in Mirpurkhas. The incident took place as the victim’s brother, Ramesh Kolhi, was taking dropping her to the school. The abduction was carried out by a group of radical Islamists riding three motorbikes and a white Mehran car. The suspects have been identified as local residents Muhammad Kanbhar, Yusuf Nohri and Mushtaq Leghari.

According to eyewitnesses, the alleged abductors forcefully abducted the minor girl over the gun, in broad daylight. The victim’s brother, Ramesh Kolhi, was powerless to prevent the abduction, and the group sped away from the scene

Adding to the worry, a video surfaced showing Maryam reading a piece of paper, through which, she stated that she willingly married Muhammad Kanbhar. However, her fearful appearance in the video clearly narrates entirely different story of coercion that she faced.

Apart from that, an affidavit also came to light according to which, Maryam is referred to as an adult exercising free will. This has sparked outrage among the community and human rights advocates.

The brothers of Maryam Kolhi had protested in front of Press club, Mirpurkhas, demanding her return.

It is well established fact that Hindu girls, especially minor ones, have been witnessing a worst phase of human rights and juvenile rights violations. Unfortunately, the Pakistan backed Sindh government’s tacit consent and hand in glove with the radical Islamists has further worsened the condition.

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